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Borg Fish (and other stories of Ghosts in the Machine)

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Borg Fish (and other stories of Ghosts in the Machine)
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This is an "in progress" manuscript...not all chapters are
currently available.  The Sloan Proposal is a precis of the
larger manuscript.

Ghost Stories in the Digital Age


1. email JF

2. Borg Fish

            - where is neural control going? Bions, mems and more

            - why lying is a good thing

            - neurodynamics primer

3. Eric Baum’s view

4. Jeff Hawkin’s view

5. Real Neuroscience

            - “Spikes” and Sejnowski

            -  what is information?

6. Was Heisenberg really Uncertain?

7. Role of water molecules in Consciousness

8. What ARE Digital Entities?

9.  What Kurzweil did not consider

10.  nanotech and nanocontrollers

11. Adam’s view

12.  True Learning and Compact Descriptions of the World

13.  Proposal to the Sloan Foundation


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