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The below listing of  "ventures of concern"  is but a tiny sampling of research in such areas as AI, supercomputing, robotics, neurocomputing and biological intelligence.  It is the unpredictable synergies between these fields that will inevitably lead to beings of superhuman intelligence.  Click on each item below to explore this quasi-random survey of sundry research projects.  My own research web-site is included below to emphasize that we have seen the enemy and it is We.  Be assured that this list does not even scratch the surface of the depth and breadth of dangerous activities--they are everywhere, and are too innumerable for any human entitity to even explore much less comprehend (in any deep sense).  Rather this eclectic sampling is provided only to offer insight into why Digital Entities are an imminent concern as opposed to a distant concern.  These sites and activities are the result of well-intentioned people who may or may not share my concerns, but, at the level of individuals, we are all powerless to do anything about it.
This "evolving" page will grow over time.  Click each topic or item in the list to find out what is going on in assorted fields that will contribute to the emergence of digital entities.

Henry Markram is a major player in the field of cortical circuitry and is creating model cortical columns. This is the core unit of intelligence, neural information processing and consciousness. Once you build, replicate and assemble these you will have replicated human intelligence.

Links to the NU CIRCS page: includes our neural network modeling studies and zebrafish movies, plus other complex systems research ongoing at Northeastern University.

Rajesh Rao is a pioneering young researcher who combines AI and computational neuroscience in his efforts to create intelligent, adaptive robotic systems. A former Salk fellow, and leader in Bayesian inference, he is currently a CSE faculty member at the University of Washington.

Genetic Algorithms (GAs) provide a means for digital entities to evolve on microsecond time scales. If this does not concern you, the fact that the Genetic Algorithms Archives are maintained by the Office of Naval Research should!

The BRAIN-MACHINE interface offers promise to quadraplegics by enabling their brain cells to control computers. But eventually this will become a 2-way street and computers will reprogram and control our brains. Still, I give their stock (CYKN) my strongest "Buy" recommendation--for as long as I own shares, anyway.

Intelligent Control Architectures for Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicles by S. Shastry (this could be a problem, yes?)


Insect Army on the Loose: BBC report on DARPA (the new Darwin). Evolution of cyborg insects is picking up pace, courtesy of MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System).

"Agent Storm" -- Continuing this vein, a nice idea from the folks at Carnegie Mellon!

IHMC: "An alternative view whose goal is to amplify, rather than replace, human abilities...the computer is seen as a cognitive prosthesis rather than a mechanical rival or competitor." OK, BUT WILL THE MACHINES SEE THINGS THE SAME WAY???

Sebastian Seung is a rising star in computational neuroscience with extraordinary credentials on both the experimental and learning-algorithm sides of the net.

In a similar vein, Paul Adams (FRS, MacArthur Award winner) is struggling mightily to understand the true meaning of the cortical column. He and Kingsley have created a new field called Synaptic Darwinism that few on Earth understand or are even aware of.

Crossnets (and Super Cool Quantum Computing); crossnets will compute 6 orders of magnitude faster than current computers, using a biomimetic architecture. Chips of Consciouness? Go To: "about RSFQ" and "Professor Likharev"

Natural Language Processing at Stanford. NLP is key in DE emergence because human-level NLP will possess much of the flexibility described in Minsky's Society of the Mind.

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