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To Learn Computational Neuroscience, here will be some starters:
     [I will add proper bibliographic info and my comments on
      each as time permits.  Send me a query and I will reply
      with a review.  Send me a book and I will read it, if it is
     relevant to this site's theme.]
This list is to remind me what to add...sorry for the lack of
correct bibliographical me for more info:
Churchill and Sejnowski: Neural Networks for Neuroscientists
Abbott and Dayan: A readable Comp. Neuro text
Spikes: Explains Bayes' Rule, Wiener Kernels and Information
What is Thought?  Eric Baum.  Very cool book, very controversial
    views about neural learning and the brain.  Analogy rules.
On Intelligence.  Jeff Hawkins.  Emphasizes the constancy of
cortex and the role of prediction.  Also very cool.
Paul's Adam's web site:

Synaptic Darwinism (Syndar.Org)

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