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from Blade Runner
1.  Any evidence for Octopus consciousness?  [i.e. Octopus sleep states]
     Evidence of such might suggest that consciousness is an emergent property that stems from a threshold level of computational or neural complexity.  A pure philosopher might argue that sleep/wake states are not necessarily relevant to the issue of consciousness, but I would be happy to debate this issue with them, most especially when they themselves are in a sleeping state.
2. On Intelligence.  How do our subconscious processing networks decide what sensations, ideas and words (including language and hawkian-"words") to percolate up to consciousness?  The levels of complexity that we can manage seem to be a big factor in our intellectual dominance of the planet.
3.  Imminence.  The problem is not "when" emergence will happen, i.e. 10 years or 20 years.  The question is this: is it ALREADY too late to do anything about this?  What can we do NOW and how might this help?
4. Infant Learning/Development.  How much is unpacking of condensed representations vs. actual learning?
5. Intelligent Systems: Juvenile Man!  Recursive Decomposition: does it raise its ugly head here?  [in terms of the vast array of things that Juvenile Man can do? ]

6.  Neuroinformatics:  Will advances in this area spark the creation of higher-order structures in digital architectures?
7.  Recursive Decomposition.  I do not understand why it is so difficult to build a digital "society of the mind".  Need to refresh my surveys of NLP, machine vision, robomotor control and the like.
8. Recursive Decomposition II.  Why does Minsky view human borgisitization as a more likely outcome than pure AIs (DEs)?  He did say the first 1000 AIs would be insane at the BU Human Frontiers symposium, ~2002.
9. More questions of consciousness:
    a. w/ sleep and anesthesia, what is the "fragmenting" mechanism?
    b. when consciousness kicks back on, what is the KEY biophysical
        difference?  or information difference?
    c. what transistor arrangements might mimic the KEY biophysical events?
    d. what microarchitectural clusters might mimic the joining of cortical modules?
    e. what digital-informatic structures might mimic the cortico-thalamic machine? 
    f. there seems to be an important link between our "sense of time passage" and consciousness, although the nature of this link is much too fuzzy.
10.  Is consciousness just experience? 
11.  Does consciousness have ANY DIRECT access to pure neural information; shannon-like information, e.g.?   Or does consciousness operate on something completely different? 

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