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Neuronal Diversity
"Neuroinformatics" is a buzz word that suggests system-wide analyses and/or the use of neuroscience databases.
I highlight some features of this field because it relates to more traditional computational neuroscience (indirectly at this point) and ultimately establishes paradigms regarding system-wide properties of the CNS.  In other words, Neuroinf. should tell us something important about human brain functioning in particular-- something that relates to what capabilites we may wish to imbue AIs with (and that could lead to DEs).
System-Wide Analyses
-- GenSat -- gene expression mouse brain mapping project, Rockefeller Univ.
-- Allen Brain Project -- Brain child of Paul Allen of Microsoft fame
-- TF atlas -- Harvard Medical School Atlas of transcription factor patterns, which
        reveals hundreds of unique TF mapping patterns-- all are presumed to be
        functionally singificant.  [Science 306:2255, 2004]
Other Neuroinformaticy Kinds of Things
-- human brain mapping  (fMRI, PET, electrode arrays)
-- the 6 million neurons of Eve (Marder)
-- System Wide Analsysis of Zebrafish Locomotor Systems (O'Malley)

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