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      If you guys think there is even a 0.01% chance that digital entities will emerge within the next 15 to 30 years and that they will threaten the very existence of humankind, then you have a direct, massive ethical obligation to study the problem: you have a chilling obligation to forecast the point at which the conjunction of AI, supercomputing clusters linked by Internet 3 power connections, insinuated throughout the vast digital environment and driven by advances in neurocomputing, Markram's cortical architectures and a million other sources of neural code and neural-ware will create beings whose intelligence dwarfs ours like we dwarf the lowly ant's cognitive skills and capabilities.
        DEAC is trained, equipped and highly motivated to begin working on this forecast.  There is no forecast more important to the future of mankind: not the forecasts of bird flu or biological agents, nor that of smuggled nuclear weapons or meteors from space, not the forecasts of global warming or oil-eating bacteria chomping up all our fuel and turning civilization on its head.  From RFD tags to the 10,000 cameras recording every human's movements in London, digitization is everywhere, and there is NOTHING you can do to contain a vast intelligence once it emerges.  Once the digital genie is out of her bottle, you will not put her back.  And she may be kind or she may be malevolent.  That confocal inventor guy (Minsky) says the first 1000 digital entities will be insane, and that ain't good.  The ONLY thing you can do is to start working on a forecast NOW.  The ONLY thing you can do is start working on a plan now, to find some niche in which some semblance of a free human culture can persist.
           This is not some wild meteor story: it is certain that the capabilities of machine intelligences will increase exponentially year in and year out.  Current winners of the annual super computer ratings perform at terraflop levels that would melt the brain of any human being.  But they run stupid code.  Smart code is on the way: there is nothing you can do to slow down progress in this area so you damned well better make predictions and start preparing.


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