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Minimum Needs to Establish Research Program on DEs

Because of the Long-Range, Speculative nature of research attempting to predict the emergence of digital entities, conventional methods of obtaining funding would likely prove fruitless.
DEAC seeks the following support from a benefactor wishing to sponsor research at PI's host institution.  Costs include 25% fringe benefits and 15% indirect costs above salary.  
Senior Postdoc in Computational Neuroscience  --  $65,000/year x 2 =  $130,000
Senior Postdoc in Artificial Intelligence               --  $65,000/year x 2 =    130,000
Travel and Research Expenses                          --  $25,000/year x 2 =     50,000
PI Summer Salary                                            --  $40,000/year x 2 =     80,000
                                                                        2 Year Total Costs  = $390,000
We expect to radically advance the technical basis of the DEAC forecast, publish articles in AI and Comp. Neuro. journals, present at meetings and conclude by authoring a scholarly text on the imminence of DEs.  The goal is to forecast when (if ever) DEs will emerge in different digital/hybrid environments, based on in-depth analysis of the fields of AI, computer architectures, computational neuroscience and systems neurobiology.  The goal is to suggest what "breathing room" humanity will have (in terms of decades, or years) and to define those steps that humankind should take to preserve basic human freedoms into the next (4th) Millenium.

4th Millenium