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 The goal of DEAC is to forecast the emergence of DIGITAL ENTITIES (DEs): powerful digital creatures, imbued with an instinct for survival and growth, that begin operating outside the constraints intended by humankind.  Such digital entities will pose an incalculable threat to the freedom and very existence of humankind.  Our goal is to create a biological niche in which some aspect of humanity might survive.
I could write about many things in regards to 4th Millenium, i.e. in regard to our quest to make it another thousand years.  We could discuss Alien Invasions, Giant Dark Asteroids appearing out of nowhere, ebola-flu (made by malevolent molecular biologists), an oil-eating bacterium that escaped containment, ate all of our oil and plunged humanity into a modern dark ages, or more hum drum things like global warming or a rapid onset ice age.  Another time I will, but these are all trivial-- trivial in comparison to a situation that IS COMING and is coming SOON.  Trivial in scope and probability, vs. the virtual certainty of virtual entities.  DEs are coming: they are the billion megaton freight rushing down on humanity at warp speed, and we are all the fool on the hill, cheerfully waving this catastrophe right down on top us, smiling the idiots smile.

DEAC (at the moment) is I.  I am a neurobiologist (since 1983) and was previously a Captain in the US Army Chemical Corps, a service branch dedicated to protecting US soldiers on a battlefield where chemical, nuclear and biological weapons were being used against them.  I have studied systems neuroscience since 1983 and have more recently begun studying neural networks and AI.  The nature of Consciousness and Thought are long-lived interests of mine, stemming back to hobby-level neuropsychotropic, metaphysical investigations inspired by my brethren at Delta Phi Fraternity, circa 1975.  My allegiance is to the preservation of human freedom for the next 1000 years (hence, into the 4th Millenium).  I self-censored my inclination to write about biological agents in the early 1990's (what happens if you give ebola virus the contagiousness of the most highly contagious human adeno/cold viruses e.g.) out of fears that I would be giving away bad ideas.  This site is chock full of disastrously bad ideas, but few if any of them are entirely novel.  Certainly, I may be accused of bringing these ideas together in a dangerous way, but the enhancement of AI is being pushed forward by incredibly powerful forces, and it is certainly not the case that computational neuroscience and AI are unaware of one another's existence.  People much smarter than I (and vastly better funded) are looking for such synergies.  They will succeed, if not by 2010, then by 2015, maybe 2020.  There are two MAJOR differences between DEs and ebola-flu.  Hopefully, no one will ever make ebola-flu, but everone (DoD, CalTech etc.) is making DEs.  And the more important difference is this: once Ebola-Flu gets loose, we still have a chance, because we are vastly more intelligent.  You get this now, yes?
If I can garner resources, I will serve.  If you help me, I will help your children's children.  In any case, I do welcome your enlistment in this most noble quest.
                                   Don O'Malley,

The original DEAC consisted of myself and 3 students: Janet Alt, Eben Tessari and Heather Brenhouse.  Further conversations along DEAC lines were had with Dan Knudsen, John Arsenault, Bob Futrelle, Steve Nathanson and other friends and colleagues.  The goal of DEAC is for humakind to prosper into the 4th Millenium.