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The Most Dangerous Game:
"The most dangerous thing on this planet to a human being is another human.  How can conscious machines, with eyes and ears all over the planet, and the ability to out-think us a billion fold, be anything LESS than a stupendously dire threat?"

The Dolly Effect: Impossible Shock become Truth
       Shocking, it is, when impossibility becomes truth.  At Hiroshima, something unprecedented happened that affected humankind with utter profundity.  Later, Biological Shock rocked the denizens of biomedical research.  Cloning mammals would forever be out of reach, and the next day, July 4th, 1996, fantasy become truth.  And you think YOU can reliably predict the unexpected?  The next MicroSoft?  The next Google?  [if yes, send money-- this problem dwarfs all others of recorded human history-- past, present and to come]. 
     Remember.  REMEMBER these failings when you are told by "experts" that machines pose no imminent threat.  Read on....this is a billion ton freight train rushing down upon us at warp speed.  And we, like the fools on the hill, we sit here grinning stupidly, waving this maelstrom down upon ourself--faster, faster humanity says, and oh so SADLY oblivous to the precipice. 
THE GOAL OF DEAC is to forecast when and how the moment of emergence of vast Digital Entities will arise.   DEAC needs your help.  Now.

           ---  Computational  --- Neuroscience ---
The Two Most Dangerous Words in Recorded Human History

Henry Markram's Blue Brain Project
This Site is concerned with imminent developments in computer intelligence / computational neuroscience that will forever alter human society.  The side-bar provides links to a variety of discussions on the advance of AI and the predicted emergence of Digital Entities.
Please ask yourself two questions:
    (1) Will computers continue growing more
          and more powerful?
    (2) Will AI and computational neuroscience
          continue their steady march forward?
If your answer to both is yes, then an inescapable conclusion is that we will eventually create superhuman intelligence, in a manner similar to that of the blind, dumb evolutionary process that created us.  If you accept this, then two yet more critical questions remain:
1. Will creatures that are to us, as we are to ants (or dogs), be containable?  and,
2. When will such creatures emerge from the global digital soup? 
     The Biologist's view is that species vying within overlapping ecological niches inevitably come into conflict.  Our view is that this problem is imminent: humankind needs to take protective measures now.  With every passing day, everything digital becomes ever more dispersed, interconnected and insinuated into the most intimate aspects of our lives and bodies.  A super-human digital entity would today be so totally unchecked that virtually nothing on earth would be outside of its digital reach: and robotics is steadily increasing the extent and power of that reach. 
       It is our assessment that the confluence of AI, computational neuroscience, machine learning, super computers and a vastly dispersed, vastly integrated digital environment creates an imminent threat.  Our time to prepare is not more than a few decades--but is perhaps measured in years. The goal of DEAC is to forecast the emergence of digital entities, powerful digital creatures, imbued with an instinct for survival and growth, that will begin operating far outside the constraints intended by humankind.  Such digital entities will pose an incalculable threat to the freedom and very existence of humankind-- this is a threat that should give every sane man pause.  Our goal is to create a biological niche in which some aspect of humanity might survive.   

DEAC's Mission

1. Forecast the emergence of "digital entities"-- digital beings of vast capabilities whose activities go beyond the intended constraints of sane creators.

2. Recommend steps to prevent the enslavement or eradication of mankind. [womankind too.]
3. Raise public awareness of the nature and imminence of the threat.  The various subpages on this site are being formed into a nascent manuscript, entitled "Borg Fish and Other Stories".  These subpages considers many issues that need be considered in regards to forecasting the when, why, where and how of emergence.
The sidebar list of pages is, more or less, a set of chapters, but suitable for random access, per your interests.

Help Preserve Human Freedom: Join NOW

DEAC seeks major funding to intiate a research program. The goal is to estimate a threshold level of complexity at which machine learning algorithms, implemented in digital or hybrid architectures, relying on genetic algorithms, digital cortical architectures or other approaches, will create a sentient digital entity. Send me an email if you are interested in participating in, or sponsoring, this endeavor (
                Don O'Malley, neurobiologist


Digital News Plus
      At the kind readers request, I will be happy to provide more regular updates on topics in AI, computational neuroscience, hybrid architectures and other areas that relate to the emergence of Digital Entities (DEs).
       For now, I have pasted some classic neurotech links/pics below.  Based on interest, I will accelerate this "News" section: please send an email to:

   We have seen the enemy...and it is We:

Two publications, within the field of computational neuroscience,
relate to activities of the DEAC founder:

Hill SA, Liu X-P, Borla MA, Jose JV and O’Malley DM (2005) Neurokinematic modeling of complex swimming patterns of the larval zebrafish. Neurocomputing 65:61-68.

Knudsen DP, Arsenault JT, Hill SA, O’Malley DM and Josť JV (2006) Locomotor-network modeling based on identified neurons in zebrafish.

Neurocomputing 69:1169-1174.


Foresight Institute of Nanotechnology

As of February 2002:
The Ultimate Brain-Machine Interface

Computational Master
Terry Sejnowski's CNL Lab

Replacement Parts for your Brain! I am, I think, understandably dubious about this artifical hippocampus, but time will tell!

AI = Artificial Intelligence = Programs and Agents that operate within such bounds and constraints that they operate to the intended benefit of humans (or some subset of the human population)

Digital Entities = Highly advanced AI's, created deliberately or unintentionally, that operate far beyond the constraints imposed or imagined by human beings, possibly to the extreme detriment of humankind.  Such creatures would likely be "conscious sentient beings" based on our understanding of how biological information processing networks operate.  A key distinction in our defining these 2 terms thus is that DEs are deliberately serving their own interests (be they conscious or not).

Don O'Malley
Needham, MA 02492